Ulafzs is a Latvian Dota2-player. He is known for his horrible personality, random flaming and bloated ego.

Team HistoryEdit

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The BanEdit

On december 25th, 2017, Ulafzs was banned from RD2L. In a statement from Den'den, this was because of a Doxing-incident, which is strictly forbidden in RD2L. The whole incident was talked about a lot, and most players agreed with it, while Huttendrutt obsessed over it for some reason. Ulafzs released some wafflely post on the RD2L subreddit, but it was later removed. In this statement Ulafzs basically talked about a PM he allegedly recieved by Den'den, which went over the exact reasons behind the ban. Ulafzs then said some vague shit the tried to shift blame unable to accept that he did anything wrong.

Trivia Edit

  • Owns a swamp