Player Information
Nationality UK (sort of)
Age 12
Favourite Heroes Axe, Juggernaut, Oracle
Preferred Roles Offlane

Sparta is a Dota 2 player from the UA living in UK. Also known as Spartard due to the way he plays Dota 2. Armed with the skills of a sack of potatos, he was carried to the Semi-finals of season 12 by H4wk who eventually succumbed to a long term illness of "Joltism". His final thoughts were why his Doom had 5 armour 40 minutes into the game. Just like his Doom, Sparta's mental fortitude has the consistency of paper match, his favorite past-time being complaining about rigged RD2L teams. His greatest accomplishment is getting highest hero dmg in a game where he played LC while having AA/Lion/Invoker to help him win the duels.

Team HistoryEdit

Season Team Division Result
8 Anti-Weeaboo Squad SAT Playoffs 1st round
9 Anti-Weeaboo Squad WED
10 UK internet WED Playoffs 1st round
11 Anti-Weeaboo Squad (C) WED
12 Hawk vs Throne WED Semi-finals
13 Team Sparta WED


  • Getting his Tranquil Boots deleted.
  • 5 armour Doom at 40 minutes.
  • Created the RD2L Gamesroom discord where Sparta hosts jackbox games and doesn't embarass himself like in Dota 2.
  • Manages to be extremely calm and chill when he is flaming and being rude to other players. He manages to stay agressive while being passive. Not passive agressive, but agressive passive. Very annoying But effective as fuck