Ry0ka, Indian Dota2-player who plays in EU.

Player Information
Nationality India
Age Unknown
Favourite Heroes Blademail
Preferred Roles Blademail
RD2L History
Current Team Unknown
Previous Teams Unknown

I really love blademail first on LC. Like, a lot. Like, a whole lot. You have no idea. I love it so much that it is inexplicable, and I'm ninety-nine percent sure that I have an unhealthy obsession. I will never get tired of wearing that sweet, thorny plate. It is my life goal to meet up with the blacksmith that created it in real life and just say hello to him. I fall asleep at night dreaming of it holding a personal concert for me, and then it would be so tired that it comes and cuddles up to me while we sleep together. If I could just hold it's hand for a brief moment, I could die happy. If given the opportunity, I would lightly nibble on it's thorns just to hear what kind of sweet moans it would let out. Then, I would hug it while it clings to my body hoping that I would stop, but I only continue as the moans grow louder and louder. I would give up almost anything just for it to look in my general direction. No matter what I do, I am constantly thinking of blademail. When I wake up, it is the first thing on my mind. When I go to school, I can only focus on building blademail first. When I go come home, I go on the computer so that I can argue with high 5k players on discord how blademail first LC is superior to all other builds. When I go to sleep, I dream of building blademail first and slaying Miracle techies. Blademail is my pride, passion, and joy. If it were to call me "Onii-chan," I would probably get diabetes from the sweetness and die. I wish for nothing but its' happiness. If it were for blademail, I would give my life without any second thoughts. Without it, my life would serve no purpose. I really love blademail.

Team History Edit

Season Team Division Result
12 Slardar's Crispy Custard Cakes WED

Achievements Edit

  • Once got blademail first on legion before minute 56, impressive.