Regurgitard, A Swedish Dota2-player

Player Information
Nationality Swedish
Age Unknown
Favourite Heroes Unknown
Preferred Roles Winter Wyvern, Shadow Demon
RD2L History
Current Team Unknown
Previous Teams Unknown

Team History Edit

Season Team Division Result
8 Anti weeb squad Squad SAT
9 Anti weeb squad Squad WED
10 BridgeBurners WED
11 Mr. Retards Austistic Circus (C) WED
12 Mr. Retards Austistic Circus (C) WED

Achievements Edit

3rd season in a row losing to the eventual winner in bracket

Only team to take a game of the rigged team of autumn 2017 in bracket

Quotes Edit

"Krappa" - Regurgitard, Daily.

150 kg fattie who worked as slave in snus farm.

Trivia Edit

  • Known for telling players that are slightly better than him at the game of Dota 2 exactly what to draft and do. Has a lot of negative influence, and is an extremely vicious weapon for annihilating the drafters plans and dreams and hopes and also brain cells.
  • Known for being a Team Sweden mascot that ironically is their absolutely biggest hater.