Professional Spear Chuckers (PSC) is a Dota 2

PSC Logo

team that debuted in the Reddit Dota 2 League. Originally formed with the intention of chucking spears with Enchantress  or Huskar, the team managed to play well in semi-professional leagues.


Hooch.PSC - Support

firra.PSC- Support

westerN.PSC - Mid

Lohengr.PSC - Offlane

Bro.PSC - Carry

Game HistoryEdit

Season 3:Edit

PSC (0) vs LGD.Antarctica (2)

PSC (2) vs Koala Meat is Delicious (0)

PSC (2) vs HotSoup (0)


Live to Win
Paul Stanley - Live to Win (Lyrics in Beschreibung)

Paul Stanley - Live to Win (Lyrics in Beschreibung)

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