Orb Walkers

Team Logo (Courtesy of Phya)


Orb Walkers is an RD2L Season 2 team originally drafted by Kc.  When he was unable to continue as captain, HaveNoPity took over as his replacement, and Cottage was assigned as a replacement 2 position player.  The team has had some success in season 2 (last updated August 29) and is marked by their aimicability and cooperative attitude.

Players and CompositionEdit

Orb Walkers players usually conform to the following roles:

1. Phya (carry)

2. Cottage (mid)

3. Scaf (offlane/jungle)

4. HaveNoPity (Captain, support)

5. Duxi (support)

Orb Walkers players are very flexible, and have been known to switch roles to create strong lineups based on their personal strengths.

Team DynamicsEdit

All players on Orb Walkers are solid, involved competitors, avid Dota 2 fans, and constructive players.  The main strength in the OWs team is that feedback, while critical, is always positive, and teammates never discourage or demean each other.  While this may sound a bit utopian, the result is that the team responds well to disadvantages and mistakes and is able to adapt their play style mid game.

The other advantage that Orb Walkers enjoys is that each of their 5 players is skilled at their position.  Scaf is an excellent offlaner who dominates the mid game with teamfight-oriented, play-making heroes.  Phya is a consistent farmer who will find gold even with a rocky start and end up getting his items and making a difference.  Cottage is a very versatile mid player and playmaker who can mentally discourage the opposing team through unexpected plays and map presence.  Duxi is a solid support player who hits his spells, stays alive, and very often ends up turning a teamfight.  HaveNoPity plays heroes which combine well with Duxi's strengths.  The two of them rotates effectively to shut down lanes and maintain map control.

Captain's PhilosophyEdit

HaveNoPity's philosophy as an RD2L captain is to always make each player on the team perform their very best at whatever role they're currently in.  He recognizes that almost all mistakes in game can be traced back to a decision by the captain, and thus focuses on finding areas where he can make better game-time decisions and improving during the next performance.  He also believes that low- to mid-level players (which is almost everybody in RD2L) tend to perform their best when they're having fun with their heroes, so he prioritizes favorite heroes and hero enjoyment over professional-level team matchups.