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Nobody Cares were formed in Season 1 of the Reddit Dota 2 league.

Current PlayersEdit

El_Zilcho (captain) 

Manta_style_ftw a.k.a. Iceberg (the active one)

Bjud (the new guy)

Geppi (The German Tank)

zGrozemaG (The Mastermind)


DrakeNL (known for playing naked and missing RP's)

Current RolesEdit

Current Roles
Player Name Role Signature Heroes Drafting Style
El Zilcho Support Shadow Demon, Gyrocopter N/A
Iceberg Carry/Mid Lifestealer, Queen of Pain , Templar Assassin Solid
Bjud Support Keeper of the Light, Jakiro, Sniper Highly Experimental
Geppi Offlane/Mid Darkseer, Bounty Hunter N/A

Draft / Whichever Hero no one else can play.

Also he's the designated Flamer

Rooftrellen, Visage Crazy/Potato

RD2L RecordEdit

Went w/o losses in the group stages of first season, after that got crushed by "EST bronze" to loosers bracked.

Significant Achievements Edit

Basically rapes all game long of feeds hard

Team drew 4 (four) Dicks simultaniously on the Minimap during an official league match.