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Typical team strategy

Headed up by RD2L veteran player Chicobo, My Hard Carry Can't Be This Cute is one of the leading teams in the USW arm of RD2L. It is characterized by multiple cores and unpredictable picks. They are the Reddit DotA 2 League Season 2 Champions, overcoming Dumb Luck (EU) 2-1 in the finals.

Team Tag: TC (Team Chicobo)

Players and CompositionEdit

  • Chicobo (Captain)
  • RandomAcc9321
  • TwistedMumbler
  • Ragbinder
  • malloc(TC)



Team Captain Chicobo doesn't play dota as often as he claims he wants to because of his busy walrus-wrestling business. A talented farmer, Chicobo makes sure all ganks end within convinient distance from a pack of creeps. Enjoys anime while refusing to admit that Attack on Titan is a good show.


Usually put in the offlane due to a self-imposed isolation in his crusade against crime, RandomAcc was terrified by Ghost Dad when he saw it for the first time last year. His unusual play hours are core to the team's Sun Tzu-esque pre-game strategy. Classically handsome.

Attended TI3 and was crushed when SingSing wasnt there


Focused more on heroes than a role, TwistedMumbler is not able to be pinned into one position. His gracious lack of free time has allowed the team to invite a variety of guests to play with the team. Speaks very clearly, especially during his standup routine.


The only member of MC who has not been confirmed to wear glasses, Ragbinder is a solid team player with an eye for counterganks. He's known for baking during matches and his red velvet cake is so renowned that his teammates have claimed to have been able to smell them over chat.


Probably a programmer based on his nickname, malloc()'s background in competitive swimming prepared him well to dive face-first into any enemy team no matter what hero he's piloting. Occasionally lets his cat take over for him during play if he has to use the restroom rather than troubling his team with a pause.


MHC has won some games, significantly more than they have lost. Finished the season 5 wins, 1 loss, 0 ties, 2 forfeits, resulting in 1st Place in Bloodseeker Division of PST Time Zone. Was 1st place overall in USW and #2 overall up to Week 6. Final Record: 5 Wins, 0 Ties, 1 Loss, 2 Double Forfeits.


2-0 versus Look At It Go (EST Axe Group Champions) Round 1

2-0 versus No Right Turn (EST Crystal Maiden Group Champions) Round 2

2-0 versus Team Ozone (EST Wild Card) Semi-Finals

2-1 versus Dumb Luck (GMT Champion) Finals

Standins Used: