Player Information
Nationality Swedish
Age Unknown
Favourite Heroes Phantom Assassin, Templar Assassin, Necrophos
Preferred Roles Carry/Mid
RD2L History
Current Team Unknown
Previous Teams Unknown

Mikel "Mikael" is a Swedish dota player and Admin for SUN division. Still plays Luna though lol get the reference? He is known for dodging attacks with PA and dodging drafts with excuses such as "Snus" "Smoke" "Toilet" How can u even dodge draft by snusing though unblieveble

Team History Edit

Season Team Division Result
10 Party Maker
11 4PM
12 Beast (C) SAT

Accomplishments Edit

  • Beat a WED-team with a SAT-team in S12
  • Champion of S10
  • Fulfilled the Prophecy of MASTER C, completing the Trifecta of MASTER C Downfalls. Making Master C a living legend, dissapearing into the wind. Becoming a national icon

Trivia Edit

  • The most toxic player in RD2L according to some people.
  • Absolutely vicious flamer, who is known for talking about getting first picked in inhouses and acting surprised lol.