MCM Studios is a casting studio named after its three founders Mikel, Crazy Duck and Maverick.

The first proper casting studio made with the purpose of casting RD2L EU games, the three casters have made efforts to ensure an enjoyable viewing experience for those who would rather not move their own cameras in game or do not have the convenience of accessing Dota 2 to spectate the games themselves. In spite of their supposed commitment to casting EU games, the trio have been slightly unsuccessful as regards actually casting games due to real life commitments such as work and classes.

Nevertheless, the studio boasts the best production in all of RD2L casting to date, often providing stats of some sort before the games, on-stream overlays providing greater detail of the occurrences in-game, and mediocre insight. The studio is also the only set of casters that provides actual in-game casting so that viewers are not limited to watching the stream. In an effort to improve the overall quality, guest casters have often been invited to join. Additionally, Kimer occasionally joins as a statsman, offering insightful statements into the various players and heroes in RD2L games.