Lazy Panda
Player Information
Nationality Lithuanian
Favourite Heroes Viper
Preferred Roles Feeder
RD2L History
Current Team
Previous Teams Beast

Lazy Panda, is a Dota2-player and Burge-slayer. He's best know for being carried in the most rigged team of RD2L ever MLG(Ara's team season 8) and having the best victory record over WED teams in playoffs as a SAT player

Team HistoryEdit

Season Team Divison Result
8 MLG WED 1st place
9 - WED Group stage
10 Question Mark SAT Playoffs 2nd round
11 Dank team name WED Playoffs 2nd round
12 Team Beast SAT Playoffs 2nd round


  • Killed Burge solo in mid
  • Best panda
  • Missed nyx ult