Kimer 'The Ginger', is a Swedish Dota2-player. Unable to safelane carry, cannot last hit even when playing with the likes of the best support to grace the battlefield of DOTA 2, Cilamo.

also known as Kimerswe, Kirner or Kymer and also commonly referred to as "FUCKING CHARGE RETARD" by teammates

King Carl XVI Gustaf at National Day 2009 Cropped
Player Information
Nationality Swedish
Age 30
Favourite Heroes Spirit Breaker, Kunkka, Silencer
Preferred Roles Spirit Breaker
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Team History Edit


Team Division


8 uk is good at doto WED First Round of Playoffs
9 Good Luck To Us WED
10 BREXIT (C) WED First Round of Playoffs
11 Initial Impact WED
12 Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies WED Disband
12 GARBAGEMAN CO. WED Season Winner
13 Team SSD WED Semi-Finals
14 Creepy Bacon WED

Achievements Edit

  • Winner of S12

Season 12 Edit

On season 12, Kimer was unfortunately (eventually fortunately) placed in a team that would disband. Later in the season, he was together with PaulvonPaks moved into Ulafzs' team, replacing Ara and Raptured. They went on to defeat Burge &Co in the grandfinals. Kimer and Paul's move to Ulafzs' team was controversial, and a lot of people said it was ridicolous that Ulafzs got those replacements, stating it was a huge improvement. This was of course not because of Kimer being a part of the deal, but because of Paul. Paul was one of the best players in that season, and with Ulafzs backing him up, they felt quite unstoppable. Even though Kimer wasn't highly valued and was outperformed by 1k player, he still contributed by filling the 5th slot for team to not get a default loss.

Nations Cup Edit

See: Team Sweden

Trivia Edit

  • Dude in his picture is the king of Sweden since 1973(Sweden has a king lol xD)
  • Nemesis: J1mmo