Player Information
Age 17
Favourite Heroes pangolier
Preferred Roles Offlane

Kikoano is a 6-8k Dota 2 player. In his early days of professional Dota 2 he applied the management and rhetoric skills he achieved from his degree in Advanced Communication & Psychological Assessment to start a coaching service that is dedicated to training high MMR players from the ground level up.

While Kikoano is currently still working on honing his individual DoTA 2 skills, several high ranked players have endorsed his learning philosophy, and refer to ASI when asked about their succesful performance at events such as The International, Dream League, and Beyond The Summit.

Team HistoryEdit

Season Team Division Result
4 Divinity Incarnate 1 1th place
5 Alexander's Phalanx 1 1st place


  • Winning 1v2 mid vs. DNC and Severe.
  • The only 6-8k player from EU.
  • One of the few players in RD2L who has succeeded on a professional level on all regions, achieving immortal rank in every region.
  • Kikoano owns a coaching service exclusively for top 500 immortal players

Quotes Edit

  • "If I was 5k I would have got 6-8k in a year but I am in 4k where 70% of the time its new players and trash people"
  • "This IS WHY I AM STUCK IN 4k"