Player Information
Nationality Germany
Favourite Heroes Ember spirit, Injollker, Death prophet, Sven
Preferred Roles Mid/Carry

Joll, is a German Dota2-player. Well known for being patient zero for the rare and untreatable "Jolltism", a rare mutation of the "Huttism" virus. Effects include [LOUD GERMAN LAUGHTER] and ignoring 6.4k players on your team. It is spread by simply having Joll on your team for a season. In rare cases it can even lead to disband or even DEATH. Well known for his Injollker which is RD2L's finest comic relief.

Leading scientists search for a cure to this very day. Jolltism is a serious illness that has claimed the lives of many, including H4wK.

Team HistoryEdit

Season Team Division Result


  • Split for loudest person in RD2L with a certain Serb.
  • His voice can reach upwards of 160 Decibels, around the noise levels of a rocket ship launching into space.