Jim Dangle
Player Information
Nationality Netherlands
Age 30
Favourite Heroes Sand King, Kunkka
Preferred Roles Offlane, Support, Mid
RD2L History
Current Team Slob on me knob
Previous Teams Sun never CETs


Jim Dangle, is a Dota 2 player from the Netherlands. He is known for his ability to fill a stack that needs +1. He is going to play in the upcoming Season 13 WED-Division for EU.

Team History Edit

Season Team Divisions Result
12 koolkidzkollektiv (C) WED

Trivia Edit

  • Still manages to play Dota when being 90 years old.
  • Jim Dangle is known as a very old player, even though he is not even in his 30s. This has been joked about, and he even referred to himself as 60 years old+ in his player statement for Season 13. This has basically become a bit of a meme in RD2L society.
  • Has slight tissue damage but makes up for it by being amazing at strategy and mindfulness