Player Information
Nationality Sweden
Age 15
Favourite Heroes Ember Spirit, Timbersaw, Pugna
Preferred Roles Mid, Carry
RD2L History
Current Team Slob on me knob
Previous Teams Kindergarten

Huttendrutt, also known as Hutten, is a Swedish Dota 2 player that plays in the EU division for RD2L. He is known for his play on heroes like Ember Spirit and Timbersaw and his unpleasant tilting and behaviour in general.

Team HistoryEdit

Season Team Divison Result
11 To Be Disbanded SAT
12 Kindergarten WED

Bio Edit

Huttendrutt first joined rd2l as a sat player for season 11, where he played with TBD (To be disbanded) alongside Kieran, Domovoi, Deep and Larzkie in the SAT-division. They got decent results, but they started struggling in the end of the group stages. They ended up falling to the mighty Reps for Harambe and Yuande, who ended up going to the finals only to be beaten by T.O.P and Den'den. Hutten didn't have a good reputation, as he became notorious for his controversial and explosive personality. He also participated in Season 12, where he played for Kindergarten with Nibbles, Booty Lizard, OverKoalified, Sbx320 and szethw. This time for WED, he and his team was ranked lowest in the predictions, but was for the majority of the groupstages in the top 3. They then won on walkover against a team that was using a semi-pro player without permission in the Knockout stages, but they then lost the very next round