Player Information
Nationality France
Age 24
Hero pool Tusk
Preferred Roles

Ergotisme, also known as Ergo, is a French and vegan Dota2-player. What was once a proud roaming player well regarded for his Tusk plays was forced into sexual slavery by the one and only master C during S12. Despite having a 1 hero pool that was not banned he was never allowed to play Tusk and was instead given a Nyx assassin that rivals Lazy Panda.

Confidence shaken, but not broken, Ergotisme returns to the fray in S13 ready to restore not only his honour, but of Tusk players worldwide (all 3 of them).

Team HistoryEdit

Season Team Division Result
12 Armlet's Toggling WED


Making his rd2l team disband to to be an FA for Cvaekt and lose to SAT

Trivia Edit

  • Always swipes right on Tinder even though he didn't check the female only option
  • Sexually attracted to walruses
  • Wants to fly to Australia to have anal sex but needs to play RD2L first and foremost.
  • Does not know the way