Cvaekt lost to sat

Player Information
Nationality Finland
Age Unknown
Favourite Heroes Unknown
Preferred Roles Unknown
RD2L History
Current Team Unknown
Previous Teams Unknown


Team HistoryEdit

Season Team Division Result
10 Soapy Testicles & Doge WED
11 Military Grade Autism WED
12 Dolphin Assassins WED

Achievements Edit

Managed to lose to SAT not once but twice.

♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿ Edit

Quotes Edit

"dude, Eren & Denden are similar skill level" 6th of November, 2017

"Eren has low 5k potential" 2nd of October, 2017

Trivia Edit

Cvaekt wanted to become a helicopter pilot ever since he was a young boy and watched Black Hawk Down. His dreams were soon crushed after his accident that left him disabled from waist down. Now in a wheelchair, he never thought he could fulfil his dreams - that changed thanks to Make-A-Wish fundation who recognized this young boys situation and helped him to achieve the goal of his life - to fly a helicopter.


11 December of 2017 - Cvaekt before flying helicopter for his first time. Picture courtesy of Make-A-Wish Fundation.