Boelens, Netherlandi Dota 2 player.

Player Information
Nationality Netherlands
Age Unknown
Favourite Heroes Phantom Assassin, Monkey King, Ember Spirit
Preferred Roles Carry / Mid
RD2L History
Current Team Unknown
Previous Teams The Lean Green Meme Dream Supreme

Team History Edit

Season Team Division Result
12 The Lean Green Meme Dream Supreme WED

Achievements Edit

  • Battlepass-level over 4000
  • Somehow gained A LOT of mmr in a short time span 🤔
  • Ditched his team mid series to play CS:GO

Trivia Edit

STORY OF BOOSTENS (dicks out) Edit

Boelens got boosted by a man that spammed Huskar IO. Boelens is known for being very rich so he got 6 k. He then was able to only drop to 5.7 k, then telling everyone he "wasn't" boosted because he managed to sustain mmr. Problem is that he pretty much played like 20 solo games and still lost 300 mmr. This seems like a discrepancy in statements. If u get boosted and lose it doesnt feel like ur sustaining mmr. Known for who knows. Noone actually knows what he plays or does. Absolute anomaly and he is an irony of a player. U play a game with him and ur like a hi know who he is but then he picks fucking spectre against lifestealer and GG. Legit say if anyone knows who he is. Played with Roran and Some other player who apparently isnt here anymore. oh ye korean. korean actually thought he got doxed when kimer posted a facebook link that made everyone automatically reach their profiles. Korean legit thought it was his Facebook being leaked, so he started crying. Great team oh shit this is boelens page erm ye gr8 troll player and also gets angry when people dont do what he wnats even when he doesnt talk. Gets really confused in some games and just gets ocmpletely magikarped to death in certain situations. Is a very untraditional 6 k player. Why? WEll he doesnt play like 6 k which is biggest thing so ye... Erm who KNOWS DUDE THIS GUY IS NAHWEH BUT WITH A PERSONALITY. As in like u know who is this guy thingy that nahweh has. difference is people KNOW boelens doesnt have personality unlike NAhweh who is completely Ray MYSTERIo. This is so lit btw. Ty Boelens for making our dreammemes into real memedreams.